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Showing posts from February, 2022 (CRO/Cronos) - Marketing at its Finest

There are literally thousands of cryptocurrencies; all of them with flashy terms: decentralisation, utility, interoperability, and a million other terms that seem to have lost their meaning. Sure, a lot of these coins might have a great roadmap or bring forward great promises, but do you know what almost no coin does well? Marketing. What good is it having the perfect currency that no one knows about? Technology is important! Now, this is not to say the tech behind it isn’t important, because it is! Decentralisation is the fundamental principle on which cryptocurrencies are built ( coughs Solana coughs) . On-off fiat ramps are a necessity. User-friendly wallets are a must. But this all comes after . People need to 1) know about the platform and 2) be convinced enough to join. and the CRO coin, founded in 2016, is a company that offers various cryptocurrency-related services. This includes visa cards, an easy to use app, a full-blown exchan