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Monero investor barely escapes with his life after boating accident

  What Happened? In the wee hours of 15 th April 2022, a Florida cryptocurrency investor was out boating, enjoying the solitude. “It was perfect. The birds were singing their morning songs, the light from the break of dawn was dancing on the tiny waves. I was so happy.” But then, his worst fears came true. A piranha attacked his boat. The Accident “It came from nowhere! Not a single sound, no warning, then just bam!” He then described how the piranha systematically pinched a hole in his boat – and his dignity. The notoriously ferocious fish ate away at the bottom of the hull, where small boats are the weakest. Then it swam up and used its sharp teeth to strike a hole where the boat structure is the thinnest. “I was in shock. I had no clue what I was gonna do. Am I gonna die?” The investor then described how the water started to flow in. The boat was slowly sinking. He tried bucketing away the water, but it was of little avail. With no other choice, the poor man had

Nervos Network (CKB) – A Gold Standard Altcoin with Complete L1 and L2 Solutions

With the likes of SHIBA, Safemoon, and recently Apecoin dominating crypto altcoin markets, one does often question what it takes for an altcoin to become a top contender. Perhaps it is innovation; does it introduce new technologies? Or perhaps it improves upon existing solutions. Maybe it has a cute dog as its logo. Or maybe it is simply the hype. Whatever it is, one thing we can agree on is that an altcoin with good foundations and utility will likely fare well in the long run. It may not necessarily succeed; but it’s chances of survival – and perhaps success - in a sea of millions of different cryptocurrencies, will be much better. Well, dear reader, one such contender is the Nervos Network ecosystem. What is the Nervos Network? Well, in a single sentence: Nervos Network is much more than a cryptographic token; it is a decentralised ecosystem. Layer 1 / L1 – Nervos Network Basics The Nervos Network’s foundat

Satoshi has come back to hard-fork Bitcoin to proof-of-stake after quantum scientists break SHA-256 encryption algorithm

Bitcoin, the supposedly unbreakable, bullet-proof cryptocurrency has been finally cracked by a team of quantum scientists; and this could mean the death for all cryptocurrencies. But alas, Satoshi himself has come back to post  [link opens new window] on the original bitcoin community forums, and he intends on hard-forking Bitcoin tonight to prevent any catastrophic damage. Satoshi, the anonymous founder of bitcoin, was previously last seen active on 30 th Feb 2011. Since then, the digital currency has risen magnitudes in value, but he was not seen again. Tonight, however, after the crypto-threatening news being broken worldwide, Satoshi himself has come back and posted his intent to hard-fork Bitcoin to a proof-of-stake algorithm. How Did This Happen?! The news was first brought to attention in the close-knit community of r/cryptocurrency on Reddit by Expert Redditor u/Underrated321. Many members were visibly upset. “It is unthinkable. To see such a beautiful algorithm c

Raydium Crypto Price – A Potential Moonshot?

  Moonshots. A dream many of us try to catch, but often we are too late to get in. But is Raydium a realistic possibility? Is Raydium legit? Let’s find out! What is Raydium Crypto? Raydium is a cryptocurrency built for the Raydium/Serum decentralised crypto exchange. What this means is that it’s built to act as an automated market marker (AMM) and to provide liquidity in trading pairs. The Raydium platform is built on the Solana blockchain, and is an example of blockchain scaling. The token was launched in early 2021, meaning that in 2022, it’s only a year old. Given that it’s a utility token, it has huge potentials. Raydium Tokenomics Raydium has a total supply of 555M tokens, and each token (as of writing this article) is worth $3.35 US dollars. This means, it has a total market cap (again, as of writing this article) of $316M US dollars. This means it’s still a relatively small project, with the potential to reach in the billions in the future. The token’s all-